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Call for Papers

The wide-spread use of new methods, digital tools and systems is fundamentally changing production and logistics. In order to respond to this change with innovative, practical digitisation solutions, ESB Business School at Reutlingen University is organising the 13th Conference on Learning Factories 2023 (CLF), which will be held from the 9th - 11th of May 2023.



Instructions for abstract submission: 

The submission of abstracts is done via the conference tool ConfTool. Please note that user accounts from the previous CLF 2022 have not been transferred. All users must create a new account for this event.

In addition to a summary of the content (abstract max. 250 words) of the full paper to be submitted, more detailed information on the

  • Problem Statement

  • Objective / (Research) Question

  • Methodology

  • (Expected) Results

  • Discussion / Conclusion 

  • Contribution to the Learning Factory Community

of the paper must be provided in brief form (max. 100 words each) via the corresponding input fields in the ConfTool.


This additional information is intended to ensure the conformity of the contributions with the conference topics and scientific objectives of the Conference on Learning Factories 2023 already before the Full Paper submission. If individual items of information do not apply or are not (yet) possible for the paper contribution to be submitted, this can be noted in the corresponding input field in the ConfTool. Please also make sure to "blind" your institution, Learning Factory name and funding statements in your abstract.

The conference has the following main topics:

For ConfTool registration and submission of abstract please go to  the ConfTool

Technology and Approaches for Cyber Physical Production Networks

Digital Twins, Machines, Humans, IoT and Simulation

Learning Factory and Industry 5.0

Learning Factory Concepts and Business Models

Learning and Didactics for Future Work

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